Rogers and CIBC Launch New Mobile Payment Service
To use the service, a secure SIM card is required inside a near field communication-enabled (NFC) smartphone.

 Tim Hortons Using Visa payWave to Speed Up Payments
In addition to the quicker and easier payWave checkouts, Visa Canada partnered with Tim Hortons earlier in 2012 to allow customers to use their Visa cards at more than 3,000 Tim Hortons locations Canada-wide.

 Digital River Acquires Vancouver’s LML Payment Systems
The merged cooperation will now handle more than $20 billion in online transactions for tens of thousands of companies

 Starbucks Adds Mobile Payment in Canada & UK
Extending services to Canada and the UK brings Starbucks’ mobile payments to 14,000 store locations worldwide.

 US Broadband Provider ICOA to Acquire eCommerce Firm TANGO Software
TANGO, a specialist in digital security and payment processing software, has integrated processors with payment gateways including FDMS, Nova Systems, BCE AssurePay, and Moneris.

 mopay Forecasts Key Mobile Payments Trends for 2012
Innovation, security and consolidation predicted to be top of mind for merchants and consumers alike in 2012

 iSmartCheck's Top 5 Reasons Why Merchants Targeting the USA Market Need to Add Electronic Checks to Their Payment Options
Online merchants can learn how to best use online checks with their eCommerce system to increase online payment options

 Credit Card Processing: Swiping Your Way to Business Success
What should you know before choosing a credit card processor?

 eCommerce Credit Card Processing: Easy, Cheap and Necessary

Your online business needs to accept credit cards. That’s true whether your business is the next eBay or you’re just selling your old collectibles on eBay.

 Internet Disregarded by Most Small Businesses!
The small business majority is standing on the sidelines as internet growth rushes by.

 Business and E-Commerce: from the Past to the Future
A website is the starting point of e-commerce.

 How to Advertise Effectively in PPC Search Engines
How do you keep from throwing away your profits on ineffective ads? How do you target the right people with the right message in the right medium? How do you know if the ads you run are actually working? Read on.

 Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Copy - The Down and Dirty Details
Want a quick lesson on writing for the web so that people actually see it, read it and take action as a result of it? Then take a look at the "Down and Dirty" details...

 Effective Use of Your Online Time
You have baseball games to track, stock portfolio that you must check constantly, vacation place you need to choose. What about those emails? Sound familiar? It's time to get organized, and productive. We can help.

 Seven Pitfalls of Using E-mail to Sell
For sales personnel, the e-mail versus phone call debate can be fierce. Here are seven things to consider before hitting send.

 Choose Your SEO Company Wisely
Yes, buyer beware is the first thing that comes to mind, but we shouldn’t forget that when these "shady" operators fail to deliver the promised rankings, it makes all SEOs look bad.

 Improve Website Usability to Improve Your Website Sales
A website or online store is not just a throwing together of pictures and text in a haphazard attempt at gaining the consumer’s attention...

 Avoid, Shun, Thwart, Prevent, and then Filter Spam
Here are some easy steps to follow to reduce the amount of spam you receive.

 Going Local!
Today, about 25 percent of all search activity is users looking for a specific business or service in their local area. Welcome to local search.

 Search Engine Optimization in an eCommerce World
True or false? If you aren’t putting money into search engines you are letting business walk out the door..

 The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails
You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of your business. Do it right.

 Tips on Handling Email
Need some tips and suggestions to help you better handle your email and reduce junk email? We thought so.

 Doing business online — Private B2B Exchanges
Automation may prove to be the way to go to streamline your business processes.

 Promote Your Website Using Articles
You’ve heard that content is king, haven’t you? Providing the ‘write’ stuff may just be the marketing strategy you’ve been looking for.

 6 Tips To Improve Your Business Website
Just six? It's about quality not'll see.

 Outsourcing: The Ground Rules
How to make outsourcing a win-win situation.

 Top Internet Trends for 2004
I know what you're thinking: Where does Paris Hilton fit into this? Read on.

 10 Things You Can Do To Boost Sales Now
While long-term planning is vital to a company's success, sometimes a business needs a boost in sales sooner rather than later.

 It's A Small Payment After All
Look after the nickels and dimes and the dollars will look after themselves. Remember that from gramps? Well, the micropayment industry is taking that adage to the bank. It’s time to cash in.

 Promote your Website using Newsgroups
On any given day, about 30 million people or more use newsgroups. Opportunity is knocking! Get familiar on how to use this effective medium.

 Let's Stop The Hack Attack
An essential part of protecting the network is having a firewall to keep hackers out.

 Eight Things To Know Before Charging For Your Content Or Service
Knowing the market is important to the success of micropayments.

 Surfer, Can You Spare a Dime?
How micropayments are taking some parts of the Web from free to fee.

 Filtering Spam
Can We Really Put The Lid Back On The Can By Finding A Long-Term Solution To This Seemingly Never Ending Problem?

 Spotting Credit Card Fraud
Knowledge, advice and some high-tech software should help merchants combat fraud.

 Canning Spam
Arrests have been made, fines handed out and even jail time awaits some spammers, but yet, the bombardment of junk continues.

 Taking Aim at Security
For every step a corporation takes to increase its security, the other side comes up with something to counter it. The result is an escalating "arms race" that companies cannot afford to lose.

 PayPal - A Friendly Solution
Using a billing solution like PayPal can be a logical choice for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to conduct E-commerce transactions.

 MerchantSelect Attends ETA Expo
MerchantSelect attended the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Annual Meeting and Expo in Las Vegas

 Paystone Hits Pay Dirt
As consumers increase acceptance for paid online content, technology companies such as Paystone create the engines for growth.

 Secure With Soltrus
Soltrus leads the way in helping small and medium-sized enterprises conduct secure transactions and communications online.

 Reading the Fine Print
Registering your company’s domain name is an important first step in establishing your online presence – just be sure to stay informed and pay attention to all the details.

 Taking Care of Business
As business owners extend their business activities beyond traditional business processes to include partners, suppliers and customers, their ability to communicate and share information has highlighted a critical need to manage content effectively ...

 E-commerce Readiness – Are you Ready To Go Online?
If your goal is to increase awareness or market your company, then a good web site, along with a great online marketing plan, may be all you need. But, if you want to earn profits through an online business, owning a good web site is not enough ...

 Key Players Will Drive Use Of Digital Signatures Forward
Perhaps you are ‘on the road’ on a business trip and need to deliver time-sensitive documents to the main office. How can your colleagues at the main office be sure that you are the person sending the information? How do they know the data has not been altered?

 Loose Foot Computing Has A Strong Handle on Customer Service
Loose Foot Computing's quality focused and customer driven strategy is where President and CEO, Robert Sauchyn, believes the web hosting industry will continue to move. “I feel that web hosting at the present time is turning from a highly lucrative industry driven by thousands of three year old start-ups willing to trade their reputation for more ...

 PSW Fits The Bill
In the mid-90s the Internet boom brought with it a surge in the growth of information technology companies eager to take advantage of increased demand and huge revenue opportunities online. But, it wasn’t primarily demand in the market that prompted ...

 Business-to-Business E-commerce: A Snapshot
A highly successful E-business is one that is not only able to meet or exceed the needs of its customers, but also work in a collaborative, interactive and efficient manner with vendors, distributors and other businesses. Applying technology to engage these strategic partners online in a collaborative effort is called business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce.

Western Europe Holds Promise

If you are engaged in business-to-consumer E-commerce your biggest market opportunity is the United States, where more than half of the population - around 149 million people (CyberAtlas, 2001), have access to the Internet and engaged in online spending that was estimated at $51.3 billion in 2001 (Forrester, 2002).

 Small Business Is Big Business
It’s 1995 - Chris Mriscin is traveling from San Francisco to Wichita, Kansas to meet with friend Ken Gebhart. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a potential business idea they’ve been tossing around for a while. Having dabbled in computers and the Internet, both Chris and Ken have a vision ...

 Lessons Learned from Enterprise CRM Pave the Way for SMEs
We have all had our share of customer service nightmares. At a basic level, it is being bombarded with hundreds of pieces of ‘junk’ mail each week that finds its way into our electronic and home mailboxes. At the highest level our customer service nightmares exist within entities ...

 Rising in the East
The E-commerce market in the Asia-Pacific region is set to explode. Forrester Research reports that worldwide E-commerce spending will reach $6.9 trillion in 2004, with the Asia-Pacific accounting for $1.6 trillion – over 20 percent of the total forecast.

 How to Stop Digital Thieves with CGI
I'm going to assume you're serious about your business. If you're not, I can't help you anyway. You've gone as far as getting a real merchant account to accept credit card payments online.

 Where is PKI Going?
MerchantSelect.Com speaks with Dirk Vieira, Senior Information Specialist with EDS, about digital signatures and PKI technology. Mr. Vieira provides interesting insight into the challenges, opportunities and future of this complex yet exciting technology.

 SMEs Prefer Low-Cost, No-Frills POS Terminals's success is founded on the principle that business owners should be able to purchase credit card processing equipment and terminals at the best price. The company's low cost strategy is based largely on the belief that “the customer is not ready for a sophisticated terminal ...

Where Are Small and Medium-Sized E-businesses Going With CRM?

They enter your online store, browse through your products, check out your prices and select a product for their shopping cart. Now, theyxre going back to look at more of your inventory. It looks very promising. It seems like your hard work has paid off. But - wait.

 Succeeding In E-business Begins With An Effective Strategy
Those who choose to change their business to utilize the benefits of the Internet and new technologies should be aware that they are working within a whole new realm of rules. As a result, to succeed in this electronic environment, a solid strategy is required. Otherwise, your efforts can backfire and seriously hurt your business.

 Considerations for Online Retailing: Merchant Perspective
To determine whether you are ready to move your retail business online, it is useful to review the benefits and challenges on both sides of the coin. What will your customers find most difficult to get used to? How can you make this transition a better experience for them?

 Hurt If You Do and Hurt If You Don't
Despite efforts to encourage the adoption of E-commerce by enforcing the benefits it provides, the policies and procedures that govern E-commerce do not favor merchants - particularly in the area of credit card fraud.

Sharing Responsibility

To put it simply - conducting business online means there is the initiating of a request and the giving and receiving of payment between two strangers - and the expectation that each party will deliver the desired outcome. What we put our faith on as businesses and consumers is that certain laws will protect us and ensure we obtain the desired end-result.

 MerchantSelect Attends Smart Toronto E-business Breakfast Series
A couple of weeks ago I attended a seminar hosted by Smart Toronto, an organization representing the economic interests of the Toronto Technology Region. It started like any seminar does. I strolled into the conference room, found what I considered to be the best seat in the house, nodded a few hellos and visited the breakfast buffet ...

 E-check, Please!
There is no doubt that e-checks are a valuable addition to companies’ payment mechanisms. "Businesses who do not offer e-checks will be missing out on a sizeable business opportunity," says Burt Walker, President of FiNET.

 eChecks Come of Age
Among other issues, this article debunks some common myths about security, de-mystifies the process of obtaining merchant accounts, identifies what you need to know about service providers, tackles the obscure area of authorization and verification, defines the backbone behind the process, and finally, discusses what costs are involved in offering eCheck services.

 Mobile Commerce Is Revving Up - Ready for Take-Off
Imagine ordering a concert ticket, checking your investments, reading the news, gaining access to work files, and obtaining sale information from your favorite sports store-all through your mobile device.

 Debit Cards Present an E-commerce Opportunity
While the credit card is the payment of choice for online transactions in North America, in other countries, it is less popular.

 Big Companies Look at Opportunities with Small to Medium-Sized Business
With nearly 40 years in the IT services industry, EDS has seen many changes in the needs of its clients and markets.

 Cyphermint Focuses On New Markets For Its Cyphermint Pay Cash System™
Every day new alternative Internet payment systems hit the E-commerce market, poised to give merchants and consumers an easy and secure method to conduct online transactions without using credit cards.

 NetMart.Com Looks Forward to Continued Success in Hosting and E-commerce
It's 1994 - a business idea is born at a local pub - an idea that takes advantage of the craze brewing on the horizon, and builds the foundation for a successful hosting and E-commerce company called NetMart.Com.

 Using Cash for Online Purchasing
As Canada's first online cash payment system, HyperWallet gives consumers an alternative to credit cards, and opens the door to increased growth in E-commerce.

Tips for a Successful Web Site

A successful web site is something that everyone venturing into the new arena of Internet marketing and communications wants to have.

 ProHosting: Competing Against the Industry Giants
As the web hosting industry continues to grow, the shared hosting market has become increasingly competitive.

 The Age of Small Business E-commerce
Sure, the Web may still be dominated by a few giants ... but those days are drawing to a close. We are entering into an age of small-business E-commerce, and it will be the specialized, niche-market merchants who become the leaders of tomorrow's economy.

 How Exactly Does E-commerce Work?
E-commerce can appear simple (well, almost) once you understand how all the components work together.