Payment Gateway Articles

PSW Fits The Bill

In the mid-90s the Internet boom brought with it a surge in the growth of information technology companies eager to take advantage of increased demand and huge revenue opportunities online. But, it wasn’t primarily demand in the market that prompted ...

 E-check, Please!
There is no doubt that e-checks are a valuable addition to companies’ payment mechanisms. "Businesses who do not offer e-checks will be missing out on a sizeable business opportunity," says Burt Walker, President of FiNET.

 Success Is In The Cards For Moneris
In today's fast-paced, ever-changing payment processing and information management environment, businesses need to provide the most effective payment technologies to gain customers, maintain customer satisfaction and stay competitive in the market.

 eChecks Come of Age

Among other issues, this article debunks some common myths about security, de-mystifies the process of obtaining merchant accounts, identifies what you need to know about service providers, tackles the obscure area of authorization and verification, defines the backbone behind the process, and finally, discusses what costs are involved in offering eCheck services.

 SMEs Need Straightforward Simple Turnkey Solutions
Brent Gephart, Director of Marketing and Corporate Strategy with Chase Merchant Services, L.L.C provides compelling commentary and interesting insight into the payment processing and E-commerce market with particular emphasis on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, the challenges and where this market is headed.

 Debit Cards Present an E-commerce Opportunity
While the credit card is the payment of choice for online transactions in North America, in other countries, it is less popular.

 Cyphermint Focuses On New Markets For Its Cyphermint Pay Cash System™
Every day new alternative Internet payment systems hit the E-commerce market, poised to give merchants and consumers an easy and secure method to conduct online transactions without using credit cards.

 Using Cash for Online Purchasing
As Canada’s first online cash payment system, HyperWallet gives consumers an alternative to credit cards, and opens the door to increased growth in E-commerce.

 Online Credit Card Fraud: Perception and Reality
We've all heard stories about credit card fraud, but that's just one of the risks of online shopping, right? Wrong. Using a card for online shopping is probably safer than using it in a department store - but just try convincing consumers of that.

 Information Security
Have you ever wondered where your credit card information goes after you submit it to pay for an online purchase?

 Securing Your Web Presence
Last year, more than 4800 sites around the world were defaced. While this may not seem like a large amount when contrasted with the sheer volume of sites on the Internet today, it still works out to 13 per day.

 Accepting Credit Cards Online
If you were a consumer who had to choose between two online merchants when purchasing a product, whom would you most likely buy from – the one that accepts credit cards or the one that does not?