Turnkey Solution Articles

 Small Business Is Big Business
It’s 1995 - Chris Mriscin is traveling from San Francisco to Wichita, Kansas to meet with friend Ken Gebhart. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a potential business idea they’ve been tossing around for a while. Having dabbled in computers and the Internet, both Chris and Ken have a vision...

 SMEs Need Straightforward Simple Turnkey Solutions
Brent Gephart, Director of Marketing and Corporate Strategy with Chase Merchant Services, L.L.C provides compelling commentary and interesting insight into the payment processing and E-commerce market with particular emphasis on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, the challenges and where this market is headed.

 Big Companies Look at Opportunities with Small to Medium-Sized Business
With nearly 40 years in the IT services industry, EDS has seen many changes in the needs of its clients and markets.

NetMart.Com Looks Forward to Continued Success in Hosting and E-commerce

It's 1994 - a business idea is born at a local pub - an idea that takes advantage of the craze brewing on the horizon, and builds the foundation for a successful hosting and E-commerce company called NetMart.Com.

 MerchantSelect Guide to the Strategic Links of Turnkey E-commerce Hosting!
Establishing an Internet E-commerce presence is quickly becoming a must for businesses worldwide. The practices that govern E-commerce -- the infrastructures that support it, the institutions that manage it and the programs that run it -- are still developing.

 Information Security
Have you ever wondered where your credit card information goes after you submit it to pay for an online purchase?

 Securing Your Web Presence
Last year, more than 4800 sites around the world were defaced. While this may not seem like a large amount when contrasted with the sheer volume of sites on the Internet today, it still works out to 13 per day.

 ProHosting: Competing Against the Industry Giants
As the web hosting industry continues to grow, the shared hosting market has become increasingly competitive.